With digital circus coming out recently I realised the 2000s game aesthetic can actually be kinda cool and endearing

It feels like games nowdays are kinda soulless and generic though, glossy and modern (Obviously except for indie games)

Will the 2020s aesthetic be microtransactions and lootboxes?

  • @Pohl
    106 months ago

    Stardew Valley will probably be the game that looms largest in my kid’s nostalgia. They have both played the life out of that thing. Other things that come to mind: Minecraft, phasmaphobia, fnaf, Skyrim, duck game, BOTW, and Nidhogg 2.

    There is no guiding aesthetic driven by the technology, just whatever is available and cool.

    Re: loot boxes, there is no denying that fortnight is(was?) a huge deal in this gen of kids. I’m sure at least some kids are going to have fond memories of getting v bucks for their birthday.