With digital circus coming out recently I realised the 2000s game aesthetic can actually be kinda cool and endearing

It feels like games nowdays are kinda soulless and generic though, glossy and modern (Obviously except for indie games)

Will the 2020s aesthetic be microtransactions and lootboxes?

  • @TORFdot0
    326 months ago

    The best games of this generation will have nostalgia. No one really has nostalgia for the mountains of shovel ware that came out in the 90s and 00s but it still existed.

    One interesting thing is that a lot of games these days are “live service” and so they won’t be able to experience them the same ways in 20 years where I can basically play any of my favorite childhood games as I experienced them as a kid

    • @[email protected]
      26 months ago

      Honestly, I feel nostalgia for bad games too. I remember when I found out about Big Rigs, the “worst game ever made”. It was useless and full of bugs, but I feel nostalgia anyway when I think about me playing that