• @Mango
    17 months ago

    The only issue you have with my trust is that I do not trust you and what you think are the cheat codes for belief.

    Two highly reliable sources mean they probably have aligned goals.

    I’m not spreading claims. I’m showing people how they don’t have to believe under pressure.

    • Lemminary
      07 months ago

      These aren’t cheatcodes. Maybe they’re shortcuts for like degrees of certainty with low margins of error, sure. But do you think I suspend my own critical thinking immediately when I read them? I’m aware that that specific piece of info could be faulty. Do you really think people are this naive? lol

      Two reliable sources that coincide with the source means they’re being truthful. It’s weird that you dismiss them without good reason at all.

      See how your own distrust colors your perception here? Could there be collusion? Sure, but it’s highly unlikely but you’re almost certain. Why? And besides, you’re foregoing so much more, ironically risking the spread of even more misinformation on the internet that you already distrust for the sake of an ideal. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. lol

      Like I said, I’m not denying that there could be collusion–and even drifting ideals or whatever–but I’d be more concerned about whatever you have going on if I were you. There is such a thing as objective reality, after all.

      I’m not spreading claims

      You literally just spread misinformation based on your own faulty memory and I caught you red-handed. How can you even deny this. I won’t convince you that what you’re doing is questionable or that your reasoning is faulty, but at least stop doing the very thing you’re complaining about.