I am bringing this up as we have had our first case of questionable links posted.

I ask that we as a community please don’t post links to streaming sites, direct downloads, magnet links, etc. related to piracy.

While this is not current against the rules of .world, it is within our best interest to not be posting things like that, for the sake of the instance admins.

This is subject to change in the future of course, but at the moment it is an unanswered question and so we will not be allowing this at the moment.

UPDATED HERE https://lemmy.world/post/661699

  • @WetBeardHairs
    11 year ago

    Hey I just want to mention that I was able to place an online hold for Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft at my local public library. I didn’t have to pirate it. I didn’t want to purchase it and… I didn’t have to!

    • BigFigOPM
      21 year ago

      Man some libraries have tons of DND books!