• @Ottomateeverything
    -66 months ago

    There’s been multiple posts pointing to some possibly “wait for ads to finish loading” type code. It’s quite possible that it’s just bugged in Firefox etc since browsers are horrendously inconsistent etc.

    But that doesn’t make a cool headline so instead the “it’s Google being evil” story is the popular one.

    • @[email protected]
      196 months ago

      it was already made public in the lawsuit some weeks ago that they are indeed slowing down youtube for firefox.

      • @Ottomateeverything
        6 months ago


        I’ve read a lot on this and never saw any conclusive claim here.

        There were claims many years ago by Mozilla about this, and it had to do with slow APIs in Mozilla that YouTube was using…

        There’s also been many known performance issues in a lot of the APIs/libraries Google/YouTube use on Mozilla for many years. And Mozilla just hasn’t been able to keep up.

        I don’t see anything about this in recent history, because everything is just floods of people complaining about this round, with still no conclusive evidence that this is happening intentionally. YouTube is currently on a ad-block-blocker crusade and their code keeps changing and there’s nothing to conclusively indicate that this is malice and not just a bug in the way Mozilla performs.

        So as much as everyone seems happy to burn the witch because of poor performance, I’m not ready to jump to that conclusion until there’s actually evidence of this being intentional. Especially when this smells a lot like a long standing different problem. “Someone said they are” is not going to convince me. Especially if you can’t even point to that someone saying that thing.