• @FishFace
    206 months ago

    Linux supports s2idle/s0ix just fine, though I guess it will depend on hardware like suspend always has done. I have a laptop which only supports s2idle and it almost always works fine. (There are issues in Windows too though).

    However, it is still very crappy, because there was never anything wrong with S3. It comes up in a second, and the battery discharge rate is low enough to leave it suspended for days without worrying. The latter feature is actually important - coming in 0.1 seconds as opposed to 1 is not important.

    • @[email protected]
      6 months ago

      Seconded. I s2idle my ThinkPad Z13 (running Fedora Bazzite) multiple times a day, every day, and have zero issues. It sleeps well with very little drain (I actually leave it in this state overnight), resume is instant, and it works perfectly.

      Get a system that’s been designed with Linux in mind (and a sensible distro), and there should be no issues with sleep, @[email protected]

      • @just_another_person
        46 months ago

        That’s the point of this article and my comment though. Newer machines are having these options removed because of pressure from Microsoft. It’s a crapshoot.