YouTube is reportedly slowing down videos for Firefox users::Users are reporting that YouTube has begun adding a five second delay when loading a video on non-Chrome browsers like Firefox. Read on!

  • @LeroyJenkins
    07 months ago

    okay, but we’re talking about net neutrality and how you got it wrong. it’s not about how strict I’m interpreting things or not. there’s no ambiguity in the definition here. you are NOT talking about net neutrality. it indeed does matter whether or not you’re using the right words here because you’re using them wrong. you can’t say apple is an orange, then when people say it’s not the same, you can’t say: well… it’s in the spirit of an apple because it’s a fruit. we’re not talking linguistics here either. you’re continuing to beat around the bush. you’re using some no true Scottsman fallacy here. you can’t say the true definition of something should include something that’s not in the definition just because you’re wrong. that’s not an argument.

    • Snot Flickerman
      7 months ago

      I already agreed that I made a mistake.

      You made a new argument about the use of words, I refuted it, not in relation to the original argument. I apologize if I was not clear on that.