• Firefox offers better privacy and security than Chrome, with upcoming support for 200 new add-ons. • While Chrome dominates, Firefox gains ground with user-friendly browsing experience and open-source model. • Mozilla’s focus on user privacy and transparency challenges Google’s ad-centric approach, making Firefox a viable alternative.

  • @newuser123321
    18 months ago

    If you have iOS devices, it doesn’t make sense to use Firefox at all. Since the engine is still webkit. Firefox on iOS is also extremely buggy. All browsers on iOS are essentially the same but with different skins. So why not stick to Safari?

    Android however is a different story altogether as Firefox can run its own engine, its own add ons etc. And it’s frankly the best mobile browser.

    • @[email protected]
      28 months ago

      Generally, yes, but if you’re in a mixed environment than Firefox makes some sense because at least for me, I want cross-browser syncing on all of the devices I use most. I have a PC for gaming and the occasional need to use a PC at work, so I keep Firefox on iOS for this type of thing, but that mostly just acts as a place to push things to from Safari.

      Even if they do use the same browser engine, the feature sets may be worth it. Orion, for example, I really wanted to like and work well since you can use a lot of the desktop add ons in both the Firefox and Chrome add-on store, but it was just too buggy to daily drive.