When should developers go back and remaster or remake their most popular games?

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    6 months ago

    They aren’t limited to unlocked framerates and higher resolutions though. Some games also add additional graphics effects.

    it does not give you access to most of the graphical and audio capabilities of the modern platform

    Except where it clearly can. For example, Witcher 3’s next gen update adds features like ray tracing.

    And also about how it’s petty to go and press the downvote button on someone’s posts when you’re having a conversation with them.

    Im not the one pressing the downvote button, heck my client doesn’t even register you as having downvotes (I’m on Kbin) but I presume someone else is doing it because you are demonstrably incorrect. Go look at Witcher 3. Go look at Cyberpunk 2077. These developers are doing what you deem to be impossible.