• @Smokeydope
    6 months ago

    Worked over the summer, then after I got a 4 season canvas tent and have been staying in it past few months learning the ins and outs of offgrid life. Put my Electrical degree to use by building up a small solar system. Learned a hell of a lot about keeping yourself warm.

    Currently is been raining kind of hard and the ground isn’t absorbing water well since its cold so water has been seeping into the floor of my tent, obviously that’s not great so m current focus is on getting a platform built for the tent to go up on.

    After that I want to get a wood stove since heating with propane cost a little bit compared to finding free woof to burn, but I am worried that the smoke and smell would draw too much attention. May have to just live with propane until I get my own property that isnt fucked by an HOA but I REALLY want a wood stove just cause I think its rad as hell and our neighbors have a bonfire all the time so what’s the difference really. Maybe I’m worried over nothing and nobody would care really.

    My sibling burned their life down with some stupid bs and their kids ended up in the system so I’ve been kind of stuck helping my elderly parents through the foster/adoption process since may. Its been a massive headache and I didn’t get to go camping like I wanted to but sometimes doing the right thing means making sacrifices to your own self interest. Hopefully well have them by Christmas and I have enough cash left by spring to go camping before job hunting.