• @Fosheze
    36 months ago

    Thank you. It wasn’t much I did though. I just spun the wheel of pharmacology a few times and finally got it to land on the right med. The only reason it got so bad this time was because it took a few more spins than usual to hit the right one. So far that was the unluckiest I’ve ever been in that regard.

    • @[email protected]
      6 months ago

      still, you managed to create the strenght to have hope, patience and stick to the treatment even if you may have felt tired, anxious and unwilling to keep fighting.

      imagine a car squeezing out every last drop of gas (wrong gas!) until reaching the next station. normally, cars wouldn’t even be able to move. yet you are doing it!

      many people (maybe you among them for now) can’t realize about such a feat, but… holy s*it.