I have sonarr, radarr, prowlarr, jellyfin and qbittorrent-nox running on my computer. I want to move it to an sbc so it can run 24h/day and draw less power.

All my media are on a M.2 drive so it’s important to have a way to somehow connect it to that sbc.

Fyi I also intend to run AdGuard

What sbc do you recommend for such a setup? Do I have to wait for RPi 5 or are there better alternatives? Of course the best value for money

  • @thantik
    6 months ago

    I ended up getting myself an old Chromebox CN-62 and putting MrChromebox Bios on it. It ended up being at least twice the speed of a Pi 4, and is a new enough generation intel chip to have QuickSync on it. I ended up getting the chromebox for like $35 on ebay. Which was subsequently also cheaper than any of the available SBCs as well. Plus it already came with 16gb storage, and removable/upgradeable SODIMMs. (2gb of ram)