• @[email protected]
      166 months ago

      You should either try some drugs or stop trying drugs, one of the two.

      Either way, talk to a physician

    • @TheGrandNagus
      6 months ago

      Steve Jobs explicitly wanted Tim to take over Apple. If Cook was trying to force himself on Steve in a way that made Steve uncomfortable, there’s no way he’d have done that.

      And it’s not odd that someone’s gay at all. Loads of people are gay. Fuck off with your homophobia.

      E: and they’re a tankie. Why am I not surprised?

    • @SweatyFireBalls
      46 months ago

      I don’t see anything wrong with being gay or a pervert. Might just be me but I’d put my money on most people being “perverts” by any definition a delusional prude could come up with. Nothing wrong with coming onto anyone either, actually. I’ve been hit on by men, and while I’m not interested I was flattered. Respecting their response to your flirtation is what matters.

      The only real thing that could be an issue in this fever dream of a comment is if he repeatedly did come onto him but I have to say there is no shot I’m going to take anyone with all of your bias seriously. Jobs had a few screws loose and I would be willing to believe that the reason he would turn anything down is because he believed his alternatives would cure him. However I’m also willing to acknowledge my own bias, because I don’t think the man deserves the respect he gets, he seemed to do nothing but take advantage of others around him to get what he wanted.

      Step back and ask yourself do you really think that being gay or being a pervert is an issue or are you just told to think it should be? Is it really a thought point you came to on your own? Or maybe when he came out the article you read on it was written by a journalist with homophobic undertones and you internalized the homophobic response, after all it’s going to be easy to do if you already believe that gay = bad.

      It can be scary to think for yourself, especially if the people around you do not try to do so and be open minded themselves. You’ll feel lonely and isolated by the people closest to you, I’ve been there and it was hard. I hope you can change for the better and maybe you’ll be a little less miserable, in my experience I grew to be happier and less lonely in the long run.