• Cethin
    47 months ago

    For word there’s a web client if you need to have word, but there’s also FOSS alternatives that aren’t word that work just as well.

    For Adobe, I’m not sure. Do you need Adobe, or can an alternative work?

    Microsoft obviously often only supports Windows, though they do have a decent amount of Linux support too, because their developers use Linux frequently. A lot of other large companies don’t support Linux either because they don’t see the incentive, or they have another worse reason, such as helping Microsoft maintain market dominance.

      • @Sanyanov
        67 months ago

        No other PDF reader/word processor is able to do the same?

        There are plenty of both with pretty much exact same functionality.

        But if you really depend on those for some obscure reason, Wine should help.

      • @[email protected]
        7 months ago

        Honesty if you have to have Microsoft and adobe stuff get a Mac.

        Sure the hardware sucks, but at least you’re getting a Unix based OS that while is inferior to Linux is a lot more stable then Windows and everyone knows adobe software runs better on Macs due to most of the industry using them.

        Honesty it’s a shame MacOS is tied to Apple hardware( yes I know about hackintoshes, but that’s a messy unofficial work around )

        As someone who has daily driven all 3 for at least a couple years my OS ranking is:

        1. Linux
        2. MacOS
        3. Windows

        But if you can live without proprietary software use Linux.

        Also out of interest what got you on Lemmy if you’re not into FOSS and Linux? Just wondering why other people join.