Well I am here to update y’all on the rules regarding Piracy and unfortunately for some, piracy will remain against the rules permanently.

I have been in touch with @rudd the admin of our instance and he is based out of the Netherlands, and the server is located there as well, therefore piracy is strictly against the rules.

I will emphasize that your DMs are your business not mine, but please don’t make every comment section regarding free content turn into “someone DM me the links” or things along those lines.

I will repeat for the sake of clarity.

No links to downloads of content belonging to Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, or otherwise.

No links to streaming content otherwise not available for download.

No links to out of print content that is available for purchase through D&D Beyond or other marketplaces.

And do not turn this into a whackamole “well this technically isn’t piracy” situation.

And lastly, yes, this includes [redacted]. I will unfortunately have to seek out and strip those comments and posts.

Love y’all, please don’t shoot the messenger, just doing my (not) job here.

    • @Bluerat
      41 year ago

      The OGL only covers what’s in the SRD, which is essentially the Basic Rules you find in the starter set plus a bit more.

      Also worth noting after the fiasco earlier this year the SRD is also published under Creative Commons.

      The full rulebooks aren’t covered under any open license, and the only way to (legally) publish things with content from those books is to do so via DMsGuild where a portion of sales goes to royalties, unless you get some kind of an exclusive license (which generally doesn’t happen).

      Pathfinder is different, in that they made all the rulebooks open licensed, so something like Archives of Nethys completely legit, so long as they don’t use artwork or specific IP.

      (This is all a very loose, oversimplification of the whole situation, and I’m aware of that. Rules/mechanica cant be copywriten, only the specific expression of them, yada yada.)

    • @whirling
      31 year ago

      Absolutely not. They are basically a pirated copy of dndbeyond.