• @DoomBot5
    105 months ago

    Wtf are you talking about? Elections aren’t held because Hamas won’t let them happen. Money is frozen because Hamas is a terrorist organization. Voting machines won’t be useful because Hamas will dismantle them for rocket parts and money.

    • @randon31415
      -35 months ago

      Yes, because plastic boxes and paper slips can easily be turned into rockets, and there is no way of selectively unfreezing money for particular purposes in Gaza without Hamas stealing it.

      And why wouldn’t Hamas want elections NOW, after the population has been bombed and genocided into supporting them? Just imagine right after 9/11, could you fathom voting for someone that wanted to “work toward peaceful relations with Al qaeda?”

      • @[email protected]
        75 months ago

        Hamas doesnt want elections now because they want elections in the West Bank as well. They need no elections in Gaza because they have total control of Gaza either way.

        Hamas didnt do elections in Gaza for years, and they Sure enough didnt do elections when the people of Gaza protested against them this summer.