When I search for something and open a Reddit post with recommendations, I might select some text (ex. the name of a recommended thing) and drag/drop them into the new tab area to look each one up.

Reddit blocks this when you are not logged in. I don’t want to be logged in, especially when I’m on incognito or a firefox container since I’m shopping.

Here’s the source of the fix: https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/14h098f/reddit_desktop_embed_button/

Here is the specific UBlock Origin filter you can add (click the popup --> click the gears for Open the Dashboard --> My Filters tab)

www.reddit.com##+js(aeld, mousedown, isSelectionOutOfRange)
www.reddit.com##+js(aeld, mouseup, shouldShowButton)

  • @Squizzy
    56 months ago

    Right click> search?

    Reddit are such dickheads

    • OtterOP
      36 months ago

      Ah well that would have helped my use case, this should help with anyone copying text to other places I guess