I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us are here to avoid another corporate takeover of our preferred platforms. It would seem to me to be a tad irresponsible to allow Facebook into our space with open arms, allowing them to hoover up our data. I would love to keep using Lemmy.world, but will happily change instances if need be, and I feel many share that sentiment.

  • Tiger Jerusalem
    55 months ago

    Threads content completely dominate other activity pub clients. Other clients / communities could get dependent on it. Then Meta is basically a drug dealer with leverage.

    How? Because this doesn’t make an yota of sense to me.

    Flipboard federated. Are you flooded with news from them?

    • sj_zero
      05 months ago

      Minds is also federated. I bet most people in this story had no idea and have never seen a single post from minds.