Hi, I’m new with self-hosting but managed to set up my own Lemmy and Mastodon instances on a VPS recently. However, I ran into an issue with disk space quite rapidly (which I had way too few, because I started with the cheapest, smallest package for my VPS).

Now I prepare a new setup, where I’ll be able to dynamically scale disk space as needed, but this can get expensive quickly. Therefor my question: How much disk space do I typically need for private (1-3 user) instances of Lemmy and Mastodon? Are there settings, where I can limit the disk space utilization (at the cost of older stored content being overwritten)?

I would be fine with needing up to like 30-40 GB, but any more than that would be getting kinda expensive …

  • RuudMA
    1811 months ago

    Do you need Mastodon, or can it be something similar? Mastodon does a lot of caching. For my single-user instance I run Akkoma, which is very leight-weight and has all (even more) features Mastodon has.

    • RuudMA
      2111 months ago

      By the way this is Media disk usage for my Mastodon instance, but it’s not really small ;-)

      • @void_wanderer
        311 months ago

        So, how much do you spend, why are you doing it, and do you get any funding or paying this or of your pocket? (just trying to understand how the fediverse works)

      • @bev
        211 months ago

        I appreciate the work you do. However, is this sustainable for the long term?

      • SuperFola
        111 months ago

        Damn, 4GB of custom emojis?! Does your instance have a lot of them or is it just caching all emojis from every other instance?