This is an incredibly versatile pedal. I got a JHS Pack Rat and after a few hours, I went back to my HM-2 for my default distortion.

  • Grammaton Cleric
    34 months ago

    I barely played guitar years ago, but this was my pawn shop pedal! It was awesome!

    • Jo MiranOP
      24 months ago

      Thanks to death metal, people think of it onlyvas “the Swedish chainsaw” because of the absolute brutal sound that it makes when you dime all the controls. As you can see by my current settings, I like to keep it on the edge of breakup. With the guitar volume at 4, you get a nice warm overdriven cleans when playing soft, a nice buzzy edge when you play harder, then proper fuzzy distortion when you bring your pickup volume up.

      The HM-2w sits in front of a Berhringer Chorus and a UAFX Lion with a Boss RV-200 after the Lion. That’s the entire chain.

      For leads, I am experimenting with having the Pack Rat and the HM-2w on at once. Early days though and I think the Lion does a better job than the Pack Rat. I just don’t think I am a ProCo Rat sort of guy.