• @TootSweet
    04 months ago

    What reasonable person could read your post as anything but sincere racism? An “/s” goes a long way.

    (Though I’m not sure in this case that would have been enough to keep you from getting downvotes. Would have made your post sound like you thought everyone who thought Tencent owning D&D was a bad thing thought so for racist reasons.)

    And you misused the word “interrogate.”

    • @[email protected]
      14 months ago

      A reasonable person might read the phrase “for reasons I refuse to interrogate further” and realise that’s far too self-aware for an openly racist person to say.

      But you apparently noticed that I said “interrogate” and you think I… used it wrong? I am genuinely curious what you think that word means in the context of that phrase, and what you think the phrase itself means.