• @foggy
    4 months ago

    I tend to agree with the person you’re responding to in that actual generations tend to be marked by massive paradigm shifts more than chunks of years.

    Like fall of the Berlin wall through 9-11 is a generation.

    9-11 through COVID is a generation.

    COVID until the water wars is a generation.

    It’s marked by things that the basically the whole world is affected by, and we all experience it together in some way.

    • @Holyginz
      24 months ago

      Agreed. There’s isn’t enough of a difference between a number of the recent gens. I feel like the millennials were the last big one that made sense to me.

      • @sheogorath
        14 months ago

        There’s gonna be a big shift in the way that we consume media that there’s gonna be a difference between generations that grew up before that big shift and the generation that grew up after that big shift.