• @DV8
    74 months ago

    Command line stuff on Windows (server) is in a pretty decent state now, imo. It’s not perfect but more and more is manageable with powershell. It took some time to really grok that you’re basically always working with objects but I’m a big fan and now quite dislike having to deal with just “text” output when I do something in Linux. (Probably also because I need to do a lot less in it so I’m not used to it as much)

    Personally again I also like the naming scheme much more than how it’s done in bash. If I need to do something I don’t know I can search the command by using logical words. E.g. I want to change the properties of a service but don’t know the command by heart I can use

    Get-Command service

    And I’ll get a list of all commands that contain the word service.

    When it comes to admin privileges you simply have the privileges of the account you used to start the session, which has its’ own dangers I suppose since it requires you to maintain account hygiene yourself.

    • Thinker
      4 months ago

      If you dig the structured output of powershell, you might want to check out Nushell. It’s a cross-platform shell that builds on powershell’s structured data approach but is much less verbose and, in my opinion, more intuitive than both powershell and Posix shells.

      • @DV8
        24 months ago

        Thanks, will check that out.