Shipped in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052. claims it has a big security problem that makes the program accept calls to elevate from anywhere once first run


  1. The security problem has been internally fixed and will be available in the next release
  2. It’s not just an alias for ‘runas’. It seems to be able to configurably block user input for sudo’d commands, retain the existing environment, ditch it and open a new window, and remember that you’ve sudo’d in the last minute or so.
  3. It brings up UAC instead of having you input the password
  • @[email protected]
    84 months ago

    In your mind, do you really think that is the intention here? Seems more like a convenience for people who use both Linux and Windows.

    I have to use both so I welcome it.

    • naticus
      44 months ago

      Seriously. My home PC runs Linux primarily, but I sysadmin both Windows and Linux at work and this will be very convenient. Forgetting to run PowerShell as admin is always frustrating, especially when I have the commands and variables already established.