• @devfuuu
    4 months ago

    Yeah, in all of this the annoying part is the beginning of the article mentioning that they never realized they were putting effects into the language. As far as I remember in many discussions prior to even 1.0 release people were already mentioning it regularly that it’s all monads/effect systems and to be careful to not design themselves into a corner and be really careful about adding special dedicated syntax to just a few things, like the try/result thing. Me particularly am annoyed about await keywords, because I think it’s a stupid way to do it, but at this point that battle is lost and I don’t care. Obviously since early days the problems are also known that it’s not easy to just add N-ranked types and that rust is designed is a very particular way with special constraints that just simply saying to add effects is not straightforward because of all the aliasing and ownership and linearity and abstraction over those things.

    I’m interested in seeing what’s going to come out from such a focus group.

    Also scala is actively doing research nowadays with effects in the language, so totally worth looking at it.