• mochi
    1 year ago

    I disagree with the use of “Christian Right” in the headline. This isn’t really about religion. These positions have been GOP positions for a long time.

    Affirmative action itself was racist by definition, because it discriminated solely based on skin color. It needed to go. There are problems with certain minorities making it into higher education, but that can be solved by changing how taxes are distributed to schools, not by letting unqualified people into college programs.

    Student loan forgiveness was a joke from the start. If you didn’t want to pay back the loans, you shouldn’t have taken them. If the issue is the cost of higher education, then we should focus on passing legislation restricting the amount that can be charged for college tuition.

    Regarding the cake issue, you can’t compel speech, and last I checked, art was considered speech. So, decorating a cake in a specific way is speech that can’t be compelled. This isn’t 1850. There’s more than one baker in town. If you don’t like the policies of a particular bakery, go to the next one. The hyperbolic responses about “No Jews allowed” is ridiculous, because that would be religious discrimination, which is a separate issue. Also, it seems a little wild to accuse the Christian Right of not supporting Jews (Israel).

    • sensibilidades
      61 year ago

      it seems a little wild to accuse the Christian Right of not supporting Jews (Israel).

      They “support” them in a way, but not out of any real egalitarian or humanitarian reason. For some, supporting Israel is the same as attacking Islam. For others, they support Israel because they think that will hasten Armageddon. It’s not because they really like Jewish people or Judaism, I suspect a number of the Christian Right really just like that Jewish people have a place away from them to call home.

    • dd97843
      21 year ago

      Have you been residing on a different planet for the last few decades?