No I’m not catastrophising.

The world is slowly lurching towards a fully fascist led America, India, Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Instead people are either ignorant or blaming “wokeism”* for their problems.

I have no clue what to do and this is literally a car crash in slow motion.

I’m despondent because I’m going to be crushed under the boot when the time comes and my morals get in the way of my survival instinct.

Humans are repeating the mistakes of the past. It’s just so anxiety inducing.

*Woke is a useless term promulgated by fascists to dog whistle the things they really want to hate - feminism, socialism, LGBTQIA+, immigration, brown/black people, equality and diversity.

  • @Vinny_93
    922 months ago

    I understand how you might feel this way. But a key difference to the early 1930s is that there are many large-scale protests against far right extremism in Germany. The elections in the Netherlands did produce a right wing tendency, but there is no government as of yet and the PVV is still pretty far away from fascism. The other three large winners of the election are not even that right wing. At least no more than the party that ruled for the last 15 years.

    That said, I do kinda hope that this phase passes quickly and that people will start to finally get along and care about our fellow humans. Even though we never have.

    • @[email protected]
      622 months ago

      The protests in germany give me hope that the german public finally resists against fascism instead of just letting it happen and then saying “there’s nothing that could have been done” afterwards

      • @Serinus
        192 months ago

        I expect the US will hold out for at least the next 4.5 years. After that, no promises.