DOHA/JERUSALEM, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Israel launched a special forces operation that freed two Israeli hostages in Rafah amid air strikes early on Monday, which local health officials said killed 37 people and wounded dozens in the southern Gaza city.

A joint operation by the Israel Defence Force (IDF), Israel’s domestic Shin Bet security service and the Special Police Unit in Rafah freed Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and Louis Hare, 70, the Israeli military said.

The two men were kidnapped by Hamas from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on Oct. 7, the military said.

  • @Alteon
    02 months ago

    It wouldn’t surprise me if 36 of the 37 was an infant ward, and the one was the nurse attending it. It’d be par for the course on the IDF’s track record. Hell, I’d bet that the 37 deaths were more because they could than it being actually necessary.