Hi peoples!

I’m on Apple Music but I want to expand my setup with music hosting but I have no idea how to approach it. Right now I have nothing and know nothing haha. So if you had a guide or would like to share your setup that would be awesome :)

Everything from a player, through downloader, to organiser and whatever else is needed. I heard that lidarr works in Albums, which I usually don’t use. I’m a “I hear a song, I like it, I save it, forget the author or album” kind of person 😅

Or maybe it’s not worth it at all I don’t know haha

Thanks :)

  • @quafeinum
    22 months ago

    Plexamp is free. No need for plex pass. Try it and decide if you like it. Personally I think it’s great for me. Sorting and finding stuff is kinda wonky sometimes.

    • @[email protected]
      12 months ago

      So it is! Damn I’ll definitely be using this then. At least until they decide to close the gates and force you into a subscription again. For now though, I’d say it’s the best option. But don’t be surprised when they enshittification continues