Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. If you encounter an issue where you cannot post or comment, but voting is functioning correctly, it is most likely because we have implemented a block for VPN & Tor users. If you are using these services, you can still take part in activities such as voting, reporting posts, and performing other passive actions on the site. We implemented this restriction because of users posting illegal content.

See https://lemmy.world/post/11571711

While we value our users’ right to privacy, we also prioritize the protection of both ourselves and our users. We want to emphasize that we weigh the pros and cons of restrictions like these with the entire team. We do not take these actions lightly, and we hope everyone understands the reasoning behind it.

  • @dohpaz42
    -184 months ago

    That’s such a lazy and irresponsible stance to take. If I get blocked from commenting because I value my privacy, it’ll be goodbye lemmy.world.

    • @[email protected]
      154 months ago

      I’m sure the admins will have a real hard time choosing between the risks of hosting CSAM and the disgrace of not pleasing your entitled ass.

    • @Asudox
      54 months ago

      What privacy? You’re in the fediverse bud. There’s no privacy here. And nobody could care less about your IP address.

    • @woelkchen
      34 months ago

      because I value my privacy

      What makes you think you’re more private browsing Lemmy via a VPN? You’re aware you made an account and are logged in, right?