Example: I take medication and lately caffeine helps with my ADHD so lately every morning I’ve been drinking coffee and tea.

I used to drink sodas but the sugar doesn’t help, so I had to cut back on the sodas I used to drink.

  • @ChexMax
    23 months ago

    I set a lot of alarms. A LOT. And I’m not allowed to dismiss them until the action is actually done. If I have an alarm to change the laundry into the dryer, I hit snooze until the dryer is running. Not on my way to change it over. Not once the clothes are in the dryer. Once the dryer is running.

    You’re only as strong as your systems!

    I don’t try to make systems that I like or that I wish / hope I can follow, I make systems that I know will work with my habits. Once I know where I drop my clothes on the floor, that’s where the laundry basket lives. I use a bookcase instead of a dresser for my clothes, that way I can see everything and I can actually keep things folded cause I’m not digging through looking for something. I don’t have coffee tables anymore because they are just stuff collectors! We use foldable TV trays that get put away at the end of the day. They can only collect a manageable amount of stuff to put away.

    My husband (also ADHD) gets very ambitious with systems and routines, and then fails. Make systems that work with what you’ll actually keep up with!