Hey, I’m really stumped by this issue so perhaps one of you folks might be able to help me out here. I run a little server on an RPi 5.i got for another project originally. So ce I cannot finish said project due to time constraints, I repurposed the thing into a little server. It’s running smoothly so far with one really weird exception. Whenever I attach more than 1 HDDs to the pi and use at least 2 at the same time, both HDDs will start to fail, unmount and the whole USB hubs I connected them to will just disappear from LSUSB. Originally I thought this was a power issue but the weird behavior continues when I connect each HDD to it’s own powered USB hub. I’m really at a loss as to what’s happening. Any ideas?

  • @thantik
    3 months ago

    I’d still think it’s a power issue. I’ve got a bunch of 500gig laptop drives, and ended up getting a 10A 5v supply with a powered hub. Also if you have the chance, power the rpi by the 5v GPIO pins rather than USB, as often the PMIC on the Rpi is anemic and loves to STILL drop under recommended voltage. I run 5.2v 5A PSU on the 5v rail, and haven’t had issues.

    If these are 2.5" HDDs, (laptop sized) then maybe not. If they’re the full sized 3.5" HDDs, they need their own external PSU.