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  • Hairyblue
    1011 months ago

    I was part of that subreddit and welcome them to the Fediverse. But I’m in kbin and my efforts to join them are not working. Hope there is a fix for this soon.

    Side question: Is there a website with a list of all interest/communities and its address so we could just search that website and add all the sites we wanted to kbin?

    • @Armetron
      1611 months ago Once you go to the site on the top right there’s an icon of a house click it and set your local instance. From there you’re free to search all communities by name and by instance location and once you click on them it will open using your local instance automatically. From there you simply have to subscribe

      • @sv1sjp
        311 months ago

        Nice sumup,I will copy your message to promote it to other people from other services (with credits of you ofc)