House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan is desperately trying to spin the damning news on ex–FBI informant Alexander Smirnov.

Representative Jim Jordan seems to be struggling with the realization that Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden appears to be founded on a bed of lies peddled by the Russian government.

On Wednesday, the Ohio Republican got caught up in his own words, insisting that the inquiry still had merit, despite the Justice Department indictment against its primary witness, Alexander Smirnov.

“You said the 1023 is the most corroborating piece of information you have,” CNN’s Manu Raju prompted the Freedom Caucus politician on Wednesday, referring to the FBI’s FD-1023 form that documents Smirnov’s claims, which he is now accused of completely making up. In December, Jordan claimed the 1023 form constituted the “key” impeachable offense.

“It corroborates but it doesn’t change the fundamental facts,” Jordan responded, trying to flip the script and maintain that Biden was still involved in his son’s business dealings during his vice presidency.

  • DarkGamer
    554 months ago

    Republicans love manufacturing a narrative/case based on one person’s (falsified) account. They did it with Saddam’s WMDs, they did it with their false 2020 election claims, (the ‘kraken,’) and they’re doing it with this Hunter Biden BS.

    • @Wrench
      394 months ago

      And the Clinton emails, meanwhile they don’t give a shit about their God deliberately taking and hiding boxes of classified secrets to sell off to foreign powers.

    • @JeeBaiChow
      124 months ago

      Projection. I guaran-fucking-tee they are doing the same things they accuse the Dems of doing.

    • FenrirIII
      94 months ago

      Don’t forget their ‘buttery males’ debacle