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  • ijeff
    11 months ago

    We didn’t post this one up! I posted on /r/android shortly before bed and felt it would’ve been in bad taste if we had posted here without discussing with you folks first (I also admittedly slept in, as it’s a holiday today for Canada Day Weekend).

    I was actually hoping to reach out to you and Mike to see if you’re interested in joining our mod team on [email protected]. We hope to carry forward the same kind of content philosophy from /r/android prior to our lockdowns, namely discussions and items of collective interest, and avoiding specific, technical support questions that can overtake large communities - and think you both align pretty well with our overall emphasis on keeping it civil and cordial.

    For a bit of background on the instance, @[email protected] has been spending quite some time getting setup and optimized for us with a focus on ensuring backend scalability to handle load. The hope was to have an instance where major tech and other subreddits could feel comfortable moving to, without the significant performance issues that could leave folks with bad first impressions (a number of us were around for the waves of migration from Digg to Reddit).

    Folks are currently reaching out to their respective mod teams at other large tech subreddits to see if there’s interest in joining Lemmy as well. We also have a number of developers with us exploring opportunities to contribute code improvements and fill gaps within the Lemmy ecosystem (e.g., accessibility improvements, moderator tools, fighting spam), with at least one bug fix already contributed to the Lemmy Github!

    If you and Mike are interested, please do reach out! It would be great to have you both. Given Lemmy doesn’t support group PMs or Modmail, let me know if you want to connect somewhere else - I’m on Telegram, Discord, and Element but would be happy to chat anywhere.

    • Mike
      2011 months ago

      Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the candour and respectful response here. I confess I was initially miffed that somebody would promote a ‘competing’ c here, but I quickly realised I’m not interested in rivalries here. Life’s busy enough as it is!

      I think we’re doing pretty well here, but the idea of an instance dedicated to tech is appealing. Happy to chat about it. I’m @mikestevens on Telegram.

    • @Devgard
      911 months ago

      Thank you for clarifying and for the consideration, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this out.

      Regarding my response earlier, I made that reply on the assumption that it were you guys who put this up as a way to take some users back, which taking a step back now, I see that I was very wrong.

      I’ll be making a new mod reply to this post, which should clarify any misunderstandings to prevent new people viewing this post from accidentally making the same assumption I have made.

      If you need to contact me, shoot me a DM and I can share my Telegram details there :)