I’m trying to figure out what’s happening to me and I’m not sure where to look.

For the last several years, whenever I listen to silence-filling noise (white, brown, pink, etc.) I tend to hear additional sounds. It’s like having your radio tuned to a MHz that’s just off a tiny bit, so you hear static but there’s just a slight edge of voices or something that you can’t quite make out but is definitely there. Sometimes, instead of voices, it’s also patterns in the noise or various pitches.

It happens in a variety of situations, like Youtube videos, audio tracks from meditation apps and noise generators, and even devices that have no audio input or antenna and are specifically for noise as you’d find in the waiting room of a massage clinic. It even happens when it’s a completely benign source like an air fan. And the sounds I hear match the volume of the source.

Do I have superpowers? A brain tumor? Am I just sensitive to imperfect wave form generation? Am I part-dog? Have I done damage to myself from listening to Metallica way too loud for too many years?

Where do I start looking into this? Does anyone have any possible explanations for what I’m experiencing that might lead me in the right direction?

  • @z00s
    333 months ago

    Every medical question on social media ever:

    American: I have this problem

    Response: Have you seen a doctor?

    American: No.

    • @Kbobabob
      233 months ago

      Response: Why not?

      American: I can’t afford it.

      • @[email protected]
        33 months ago

        I tried to make an appointment with a PCP in my area yesterday. The next open slot they had was March…of 2025.

    • @ProfessorProteus
      43 months ago

      It’s impossible to tell if that’s an indictment of the people’s attitude or the “healthcare” system. Probably both. This country sucks rotten ass sometimes.

      • @[email protected]
        163 months ago

        It’s an indictment of of the health system.

        You need to be an idiot to avoid the doctor in a country with socialized healthcare. In a country without, you just need to be cautious.