• @MotoAsh
    -43 months ago

    I’m not complaining to complain and I’m not saying don’t vote. What the flying fuck are all these assumptions coming from you?

    What I’m saying is the two party system gives you a choice between two enemies. Yet you dumbasses CONSTANTLY pretend that Democrats good just because Republicans bad.

    A vote doesn’t, and SHOULD NOT, come with an ass kissing.

    • @NateNate60
      23 months ago

      I make these assumptions because the type of people who use the type of language that you do and espouse similar views to you tend to also do these other things. It’s called “generalisation”, and although I apologise if I’ve made an incorrect one, it is a part of human thinking and everyone does it, including you.

      It is my belief that the terms “good” and “bad” are poor labels and not suitably descriptive, especially for most political ideologies. I can only say that Democrats tend to enact policies that I agree with more while Republicans do not. That is why I say that Democrats are “better”. Whether “better” means “good” is irrelevant. I don’t like the two-party system and I work to change it by circulating ballot initiatives to move us toward proportional and ranked-choice voting. But when we only have two choices, it makes sense to vote and campaign for the one you disagree with least, then criticise and exert political pressure as necessary to nudge them in the right direction. Note that political pressure comes only collectively as a voting bloc, and a voting bloc that doesn’t participate isn’t going to be effective at exerting political pressure and having their demands acceded to. I understand that you vote, but not everyone who thinks the way you do does.

      • @MotoAsh
        -13 months ago

        “… and then criticize and exert political pressure as necessary…”

        Yes, exactly. and it’d be really fucking nice if people would stop treating me like a Republican for stating the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS of, “hey guys, the Democrats aren’t your allies, either.”

      • @rambaroo
        3 months ago

        So pathetic how you claim to support democracy but shit on anyone who criticizes your precious political party and then make juvenile excuses for doing so.