• @Aolley
    73 months ago

    We all agree with this premise and mostly that the FPTP system is a large contributing factor to the TPS saying how it has based on seeing how places that don’t have a TPS appear to do so because the have different voting systems like different iterations of ranked choice voting.

    What I am wondering is what ‘we’ think the best way to implement voting would be?

    • @AngryCommieKender
      33 months ago

      Can’t remember which South American country did it, might have been Venezuela, but at least one of them has an official app. You register to vote on your 18th birthday, and get daily notifications about the various proposals at each level of government that applies to your address. They also created a team to boil the proposals down into plain language. You vote personally and the government has to, in theory, listen to the will of the people.

      Of course that system will still be susceptible to propaganda, as evidenced by the fact that whatever country did it, still has some serious issues.