• @OlPatchy2Eyes
    23 months ago

    Respectfully, I don’t think you’re being very helpful here. This is a Texas community, and while we can discuss problems in Texas (there are many), egging on secession as if the state is doomed to politics like this forever probably sets a sour tone for anyone else that might choose to comment.

    I don’t go into an iPhone community and share my wish that Apple goes bottom-up overnight and every iPhone disintegrates and is carried off in the wind.

    • @carl_dungeon
      43 months ago

      That’s fair and I apologize. I was mostly just being silly with all the constant talk about Texas and Florida leaving, and all the complaining certain Texas elements do about the rest of the country, but if you really feel I was being shitty, I am sorry.

      There is a vocal subset of the population that are against things like connecting the Texas power grid to others, but then also complain and ask for federal assistance when it fails. Then there’s ted Cruz and Greg abbot, I don’t really need to qualify that. For the rest of you, hang in there!