When I was traveling the world I always learned about new food, then when back home I’d try to recreate it and invite friends and family who have no possibility to travel to taste it.

Now I haven’t had the possibility to travel to new places for the last couple of years, but I wonder if you guys have some tips what I could try to make. Something not too complicated but to some extend exotic.

My tip would be the the Sabich which I tried in Jerusalem in 2019. A flatbread with eggplant, egg, other vegetables and sauces. Sweet and savory.

  • @apfelwoiSchoppen
    103 months ago

    Exotic, maybe not depending on your feelings on access to rich velutinous chocolate: ganache. Equal parts heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips by weight. Heat the cream until just below simmer, add to the chips, wait 5 minutes and then mix. Profit.

    • Capt. Wolf
      53 months ago

      Totally second this! Super easy to make, tons of applications. Ice cream, cakes, fruit, you name it.

      I once made a chocolate ganache and a strawberry merlot sauce over ladyfingers for my wife/then girlfriend for our first or second anniversary. It took minutes to make, but talk about decadent!

    • JeenaOP
      43 months ago

      Whoa, that sounds decadent :D I don’t think I ever had it, will try it!

    • @Jarix
      13 months ago

      Hahahahaha i asked someone at work the other day what is ganache?

      Didn’t have and answer but you just did. Thanks! Now in know what was the stuffed piped over the baileys cheesecake i had the other day