When I was traveling the world I always learned about new food, then when back home I’d try to recreate it and invite friends and family who have no possibility to travel to taste it.

Now I haven’t had the possibility to travel to new places for the last couple of years, but I wonder if you guys have some tips what I could try to make. Something not too complicated but to some extend exotic.

My tip would be the the Sabich which I tried in Jerusalem in 2019. A flatbread with eggplant, egg, other vegetables and sauces. Sweet and savory.

  • anon6789
    3 months ago

    Curries are pretty hard to screw up, yet are extremely satisfying. Thai, Indian, Japanese, they’re all good.

    Pretty much just thickened stews, so you can add or remove things to your taste or make it seasonal. Can have any meat or can be vegan or anywhere in between. Serve up with rice or bread. Extremely versatile all around.

    Somewhat related, African Peanut Chicken Soup. Hearty yam and carrot, in a spicy peanut broth. It’s all familiar ingredients, but in a combo your taste buds may not be familiar with, so comforting and exotic at the same time.

    • anon6789
      43 months ago

      In addition to my specific recommendations, I recommend checking out Beryl Shereshewsky for inspiration.

      She cooks user recommended home cooking from around the world. She’s usually able to recreate them pretty accurately, but discusses substitutions if there’s something hard to get, which isn’t often.

      Her videos are by topic, so if you want a breakfast or dessert, or even as simple as an egg dish or toast, it’s there.