• pewter
    13 months ago

    Did you read my comment?


    Just to be clear what Elon musk announced was not an advancement in the space of BIC. He is touting a pre-existing technology as an advancement.

    Yeah. He said they were controlling a mouse. it’s an advancement for his team, not for BCIs in general. I saw the video. He didn’t even sound that excited about it.

    Should be very concerned about Elon’s role in [this] space.

    This is the part I agree with, but it’s not where the criticism and jokes in this thread were directed even though he’s the biggest reason why people don’t like Neuralink.

    • @Everythingispenguins
      23 months ago

      Sorry about the typos, it has been a long day. Though I am concerned about Elon in space too.