• @3volverOP
    -373 months ago

    Just reducing GHG emissions doesn’t stimulate the economy though.

    • Claymore
      233 months ago

      Well, why not? Any replacement power generation or transportstion systems will require construction and maintenence, just like any other project.

      • @3volverOP
        -203 months ago

        Sure, but that money wouldn’t go to oil and natural gas companies.

        • @Mautobu
          73 months ago

          Depends on if those companies invest in renewables or not. Optimistically, they will need to pivot in the next 60 years or so. I expect that the military need for oil won’t go anywhere anytime soon, but there is regulation coming into play to limit automotive oil reliance. Maybe not in the US, but elsewhere.

        • @netvor
          13 months ago

          hoser has a new video on how Saudi Arabia is getting ready for that part.

    • @Paragone
      163 months ago

      The actual choice, is

      • we either act proactively, or
      • our remnant ( if any ) regret, retroactively.

      This isn’t consensus for a simulation/model, this is actual historical fact:

      They’re ignoring methane, and they’re stating, explicitly, that at our current atmospheric CO2, the planet historically stabilized at between +5C & +6C.

      When one factors-in the added methane, 1.3ppm to 1.4ppm, at 82.5x factor, we’re actually between +8C & +9C planet-equilibrium-temperature for our current atmosphere.

      -4C put 2 miles thick of ice on North America: planet-degrees are BIG.

      Humankind simply is either too devoutly-ignorant or too stupid to live, from the looks of it.

      After it has happened, oh, then humanity’ll admit it ought do something…

      Utterly retarded, and the obliteration-of-billions-of-lives it is setting-up the enforcing of, is needless.

    • @[email protected]
      53 months ago

      Creating an entirely new industry “for the economy” is the reason this is even being contemplated. If you care more about the economy than the planet you live on and the people you share it with, then maybe that makes sense.