I want to use my main mail address everywhere, even public places. But I doubt if I can guard myself against spam.

Is there a provider specialized in spam protection? Or at least good at it?

At last, given your experience, should I even do it?

  • @Usul_00_
    3 months ago

    Sounds like you have qmail at the root. I ran that with spamassassin, barracuda and some other custom rules for years. Didn’t add on the auto response you have described, but really liked it back in the day.

    Did I guess kinda close to what you have running?

    I’d think the annoying part would be that you’ve forced the work to prove they are human back on the sender. Might be a good way to go though given how much spam there is.

    • @hperrin
      43 months ago

      It’s actually built on Haraka. All of the queueing is custom written so I can do things like make it a flip of a toggle whether you want push notifications, sender screening, mark as read, etc. for a label. And there’s no inbox, since the bare address is not a usable address. Every email you receive already has at least one label.