I strongly suspect that I have ADHD, but I can’t see the benifit of getting diagnosed.

I know that if I get diagnosed and offically have ADHD I can get some medicine but I don’t think I want that in any case.

Can you share your experience and what benifit you got from getting offically diagnosed?

  • @wintermutehal
    143 months ago

    I was officially diagnosed at 34; I‘ve known I had ADHD for a long while, but cost of getting tested and not having medical insurance was a large factor. Once I finally did get my diagnosis, I had the ability to get help legally instead of self-medicating. I would say, if you’re so medication resistant, there isn’t much point, but that makes me wonder why you would care to do so in the first place? I don’t get special accommodations at work or in my daily life, O just finally have medication that will help with my issues.