I strongly suspect that I have ADHD, but I can’t see the benifit of getting diagnosed.

I know that if I get diagnosed and offically have ADHD I can get some medicine but I don’t think I want that in any case.

Can you share your experience and what benifit you got from getting offically diagnosed?

  • TruthAintEasy
    74 months ago

    I am literaly in the middle of this right now. I have innatantive, so my way to be a superstar at work was to just have 3 things going at once, so my focus has somthing to shift to that isnt pointless.

    However when my daughter started having medical issues it brought out some latant anxiety issues in myself. Now when my brain switches focus at work I might just have a panic attack instead. So, went and got a diagnosis last week (I was right, innatentive with anxiety) and will be letting wellbutrin have a go at me.

    Im actually happier already, though also misserable. Ive been smoking weed for 25 years, now I have to stop (already wanted to stop, this is good) because both drugs bind to the same receptor. No weed gives me insomnia that melatonin pills dont seem to even touch. It hurts but not as much as seeing my wife and kids worry about me.

    From one sufferer to another: I am very proud of you for being such a high achiever despite the illness, and for taking the steps to get a diagnosis. I hope Im wrong but I think your real struggle with adhd will begin in retirement. You will need good hobbies to focus on. I think you are capable of navigating a good outcome for yourself and those around you, for what its worth