• @Aceticon
    3 months ago

    I’m a member of a smallish leftwing party in my own country and having over 20 years professional experience in various industries and several countries it really riles me just how damn incompetent and disorganised they are - I mean, most have their hearts in the right place (even if they easilly succumb to serve their own petty emotional needs, like ego, rather than principles), but damn even how they go about fighting the problems in the country (pretty much 100% reactive) and the organisation and quality of the material in their campaigns is really frustratingly “amateur hour, every hour of they day, every day of the year”.

    Funnilly enough a leftwing part I was a member of in another country I lived in was also a lot “good intentions but very naive and a bit lost”.

    PS: Note that all this might be just the bias from never having been a member of a rightwing party. Maybe they’re all just as bad and judging by professional standards the typical political party invariably leads to the conclusion they’re pretty inept.