In the US it’s not crazy for kids maybe as young as 6 to make themselves sandwiches like a PB&J/Ham & Cheese either if parents have an emergency, or to take to lunch for themselves because parents didn’t have time. (Or you know, they’re neglectful)

So is there a go to food for children to make in other cultures?

EDIT: Sorry for phrasing it like teaching 6 year olds to cook is mainly to help parents. Personal experience of dad going to prison and mom working 12 hour days at early age shined through. So me being taught to cook wasn’t “This is a skill that’ll be useful as you grow older” but instead was a “Things are going to be rough, and sometimes things won’t work out with me being there when I need too, and I want you to be able to be okay in an emergency”. So cooked myself food when I was little probably a lot more than others, then when I was a teenager I was cooking dinner for the family a lot.

But makes sense it wasn’t the case for others! Still the curious, what other cultures teach their children to cook!

  • @3laws
    433 months ago

    In Mexico it’s

    • Quesadillas
    • Tacos of any leftovers
    • Torta of any leftovers
    • Cereal (I think this one is universal)
    • @RBWells
      23 months ago

      This list is about the same as my US kids, not torta but quesadillas, tacos or burritos, scrambled eggs and sandwiches; also noodles with chili paste from leftover spaghetti, which they call “hot noodle” and every single one of them learned early to cook that because they all liked it so much.