I’m reporting posts promoting spousal abuse and animal abuse, and yet they stay up.

I’m not sure how reporting works here - do lemmy world moderators ever see them? If not, how do I report the community for inadequate moderation?

Thank you!

    • @BitingChaos
      42 months ago

      The content didn’t violate Lemmy terms of service or be of anything illegal, just the rules the mod posted.

      If the mod has a short list of rules that say not to post X, and a user specifically posts X, what can I do really do about it? They may get some downvotes, but the posts stays up. The post gets reported, but the post still stays up. I check back a week later, and the post is still there.

      I can’t build a community up, and if it’s clear the creators of that community and/or the current mods themselves have moved on or simply don’t care, then I will just move on.