This is just for messing around to see in digital form the house that I dream of in my head. Is there a truly free one that does a decent job?

I’ve played with it in Sims 3 but I was wondering if there was something more realistic out there. Bonus if it’s something where I could generate a noob file that a pro architect could use to base a real design on.

  • @breakingcups
    323 months ago

    Used to be Sketchup, not sure if that’s still around for free. Used for a lot of architectural stuff and somewhat beginner friendly.

    Me personally I’d use Blender, but that seemingly requires you to learn how to model donuts with sprinkles first…

      • @[email protected]
        23 months ago

        I used to do sketchup a lot but I am trying to learn freecad to replace it, as the former doesnt have a Linux port, and is proprietary software